The Rowing BC Coach Mentorship Program is an opportunity for individuals who would like to develop their coaching to work with BC’s most experienced coaches. Mentor coaches represent university, national team, and leading club and school programs.

2017 Mentor Coaches

  • Howie Campbell (Rowing Canada Aviron)
  • Rick Crawley (Women’s Coach at University of Victoria Rowing Club)
  • Martin George (Rowing BC Coaching Coordinator)
  • Terry Paul (Rowing Canada Aviron)
  • Mike Pearce (Men’s Team Coach at University of British Columbia Rowing Club)
  • Craig Pond (Women’s Team Coach at University of British Columbia Rowing Club)
  • Rob Richards (Rowing BC Provincial Coach)
  • Aalbert Van Schothorst (Men’s Team Coach at University of Victoria Rowing Club)
  • Susanne Walker-Curry (St. Michaels University School Rowing)
  • John Wetzstein (Rowing Canada Aviron)
  • Barney Williams (Canadian Sport Insitute – Pacific)
  • Jill Würflinger (NCCP Level 4 Coach)

Mentorship is available for both occasional and ongoing sessions, depending on individual requirements, and is available via email, phone (eg video analysis), and in person.

Coaches interested in a mentorship opportunity must first contact the Rowing BC Coaching Coordinator, who will connect you with a mentor coach. Mentorship is offered as follows:

Coaches working in the Learn to Train LTAD stage (LTR)

Mentorship is offered in following topics:

  • Foundations of technique – application in the LTR context
  • Basic rigging – focusing on comfort, and accommodating varying body shapes and abilities
  • Adult learners
  • Youth learners
  • Athletes with a physical disability

Coaches working in the Train to Train and early Learn to Compete LTAD stages (RCA Coach)

Mentorship is offered in the following topics:

  • Technique analysis
  • Intermediate rigging with focus on matching rigging for a crew, rigging for level of athletes in race situations, rigging for training load.
  • Season planning
  • Race prep
  • Selection principles
  • Strength training for youth

For more information on the Coach Mentorship Program and to find out more about mentorship opportunities, contact Martin George, Rowing BC Coaching Coordinator & Para-Rowing Coach.