Organizations wishing to host a regatta in BC must follow Rowing Canada’s Event Sanction policy and submit a Sanction Application in order to have the event sanctioned. Sanction allows the regatta to be covered by RCA insurance and officiated by RCA umpires in order that regattas can be both safe and fair for all participants.

Currently in BC, regatta Sanction Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) of historical regattas will be contacted 2-3 months before their regular regatta date with a reminder that regatta Sanction Applications are open. Sanction Application forms are due to the Rowing BC office one month after the reminder is set out, and about 1.5 months before the scheduled regatta date. Applications are then reviewed by the Rowing BC Sanction Officer/Regatta Committee for comments and a recommendation of sanction before being shared with the Rowing BC Board. The Rowing BC Board makes the final decision regarding the approval of each Sanction Application. Following the decision by the Board, the LOC will be contacted with the outcome of their Sanction Application and connected with the Chief Umpire for their event at least one month in advance of the regatta date. Please note that a Rowing BC Board approved Event Sanction Application does not guarantee a full umpire jury for the regatta.

The resources below are intended to assist Local Organizing Committees in the process of preparing a regatta sanction application, or while planning aspects of the regatta:

Following the regatta, the Chief Umpire will complete an Event Report which will be shared with the Rowing BC office and the Local Organizing Committee. This report provides an opportunity for feedback and discussion between the Local Organizing Committee and the Chief Umpire.

Fully detailed Chief Umpire Guidelines are available here.

A regatta feedback tool has also been created and can be found here.

All sanctioned events in BC will be assessed regatta participant fees at a rate of $4 participant/day (2017).