Umpiring is an important aspect to the sport of rowing. Umpires ensure regattas are held in a safe and fair manner, and many have the opportunity to travel to regattas in different cities, provinces and even other countries.

Become a RCA Umpire

Are you interested in joining the umpire community? We would be happy to welcome you to the umpiring family! Rowing BC is committed to promoting the growth of the umpiring community, and will provide umpire training whenever there is a demand from interested persons.

For more information, please contact the Rowing BC Umpire Committee.

Umpire Resources

Below you will find many useful files and documents:

Weather Protocol

The weather in Canada can change at a moments notice so RCA has developed a Weather Protocol to ensure the safety of everyone on the water.

Radio Protocol

To ensure effective radio communication it is important to have an understanding of radio protocol.