2017 RCA National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup
Date: November 7-12th, 2017
Location: Burnaby, BC
Rowing Venue: Burnaby Lake

The National Rowing Championships (NRC) purpose is to determine and crown national champions in the sport of rowing in Canada. The regatta shall also afford the opportunity for athletes to recognize the accomplishments of their peers. The NRC shall facilitate national team athletes to “re-connect” with their home club.

The Canada Cup (CC) Regatta has been established to foster and grow intra-provincial and intra-regional competition in Canada. To be held on a yearly basis, the CC Regatta shall provide competition in larger boats at two distances to promote both full distance racing strategy and sprinting strategy. The intra-provincial competition provides one of the few opportunities for provincial rowing teams to compete against each other in a national competition. By the inclusion of an IntraRegional competition, regions that may not be able to fill a large boat may put together combination entries.

The CC Regatta will further foster youth rowing and competition by including age specific Jeux Canada Games (CSG) events. Provinces that may not be able to field entries for the NRC may participate as CSG entries in the CC Regatta.