The Athlete Awards Banquet will be returning to the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in Burnaby after the conclusion of the RCA National Rowing Championship and Canada Cup Regattas on Sunday, November 11, 2018. 

Reception: 5:30pm – 6pm
Banquet: 6pm – 9pm
Location: 6083 McKay Ave., Burnaby BC V5H 2W7, Crystal Ballroom, Hilton Vancouver Metrotown
Dress Code: Cocktail

One of the best ways you can support the RCA National Rowing Championship and Canada Cup Regattas is to donate a table to our athletes.  Your gift will help us provide many athletes with a meal at our Athlete Banquet – and as we all know, well-fed rowers are happy rowers!

If you are a rower, crew or business that is looking for an extra-special way to give back to rowers, then please consider helping us by supporting a table at the banquet. You know the athletes will appreciate your support.

We expect approximately 400 individuals to attend the Athlete Awards Banquet. The attendees will be athletes, coaches and volunteers from all over Canada and many local supporters from British Columbia.

$500 per table, $50 per athlete

We have designed this opportunity to be as flexible as possible to enable all levels of donors from across Canada to be part of the event. If you and your crew want to support a table together, we can arrange to divide up the $500 donation/table goal amongst individuals.

To support this event, simply follow the donation button above. Donations will be processed through RCA’s secure online system. To support an entire table, choose $500. To contribute to part of a table, enter your desired donation amount. Payment by cheque is also available. Contact for more details.



ONLINE – click here to access Rowing Canada Aviron’s website to complete an online donation.

BY PHONE – call 1-250-220-2538 to contact Kim Bell in Rowing Canada Aviron’s Finance Office.

BY CHEQUE – mail a cheque to Rowing Canada Aviron (321 – 4371 Interurban Road, Victoria, BC, V9E 2C5) with “NRC Awards Banquet” in the memo line.


Thank you to our donors!

We’ve raised $6825 so far thanks to donors like you from the rowing community.

That’s enough for 136 athletes to attend the 2018 RCA National Rowing Championship and Canada Cup Regatta Athlete Awards Banquet!

Our sincere thanks to the following donors:

  • 1956 Olympic Men’s 4- (Donald Arnold)
  • 1960-1963 UBC Men’s Team (Herb Challier)
  • 1964 Olympic Men’s 2- (George Hungerford, Roger Jackson)
  • 1968 Olympic Men’s 8+ (Daryl MacDonald, Clay Brown, Richard Symsyk, John McIntryre, Rick Crooker, John Richardson, John Ross, Neil Campbell, Joel Finlay and Coach Gerry Lienert)
  • 1970 World Championships Men’s 8+ (Peter Klavora, Ian Gordon, Roderick Bell-Irving, Bob Advent, Karel Jonker)
  • 1972 Olympic Men’s 4- (Ian Gordon, Greg Rokosh, Karel Jonker)
  • 1972-1974 UBC Men’s Team (Jack Nelson)
  • 1973-1976 UBC Men’s Team (John Bodnar)
  • 1975 World Championships Men’s 2- (Sandy Manson)
  • 1976 Olympic Men’s 2- (Michael Neary, Brian Love)
  • 1976 Olympic Men’s 4x (York Langerfeld)
  • 1976 Olympic Men’s 4- (Andrew Van Ruyven, Brian Dick, Ian Gordon, Phil Moncton, Coach Alan Roaf)
  • 1977 Olympic Women’s 8+ (Carol Love)
  • 1978 UBC/VRC Men’s 8+ (Fred Withers, John Richardson, Peter Jackson, Morris Hutchins, David Wilkinson, Robin Catherall, John Bodnar)
  • 1979 UBC/VRC PanAm Men’s 8+ (John Richardson, Rob Hartvikson, Fred Withers, David Wilkinson, Robin Catherall, Coach Ian Gordon)
  • 1979 PanAm Men’s 4- (John Gjervan)
  • 1982 World Championship Women’s 2x (Janice Mason)
  • 1984 Olympic Women’s 4x (Janice Mason)
  • 1984 Olympic Women’s 8+ (Carol Colgan)
  • 1984 Olympic Men’s 8+ (Blair Horn, Dean Crawford, Michael Evans, Paul Steele, Grant Main, Mark Evans, Kevin Neufeld, Pat Turner, Brian McMahon)
  • 1987 Lightweight World Championship Women’s 2x (Janice Mason)
  • 1992 Olympic Men’s 8+ (Darren Barber, Robert Marland)
  • 1992 Olympic Men’s 2- (Brian Saunderson)
  • 2000 Olympic Men’s 8+ (David Calder, Tom Herschmiller)
  • 2002 World Championship Women’s 8+ (Karen Clark, Katy Dunnet, Roslyn McMann, Andréanne Morin, Darcy Hortness, Pauline Van Roessel, Jacqui Cook, Sarah Pape)
  • 2003 World Championship Women’s 8+ (Andréanne Morin, Jacqui Cook, Sarah Pape, Rachel Jonat, Pauline Van Roessel, Darcy Hortness, Karen Clark, Roslyn McMann)
  • 2004 Olympic Men’s 2- (David Calder)
  • 2004 Olympic Men’s 4- (Tom Herschmiller)
  • 2008 Olympic Men’s 2- (David Calder, Dominic Seiterle)
  • 2008 Olympic Women’s 8+ (Darcy Hotness, Heather Aischuler)

  • 2008 Olympic Lightweight Men’s 4- (Iain Brambell)
  • 2012 Olympic Men’s 2- (David Calder)

FAQs for Donors

Is my gift eligible for a charitable tax receipt?

Yes. Tax receipts will be provided for all donations over $20. Your tax receipt will be processed by RCA in January of each year (ie. If you donated in October 2018, you will receive your tax receipt January 2019).

We are happy to recognize your donation in the following ways: 

  • On Supporters Board and Table Centrepiece
  • Online and in-person mentions and Thank You
  • Recognition and Thank You in RCA and Rowing BC Annual Report
  • Recognition and Thank You in Final Event Report

My organization would prefer to be a sponsor instead of a donor so we can have an enhanced presence at the event. Is this possible?

Yes. You will not be eligible for a tax receipt. Many potential sponsorship opportunities are available related to this event. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Rowing BC Executive Director, David Calder.

I would like to attend the Athlete Awards Banquet. How can I get a ticket?

More information about attending the Athlete Awards Banquet is available here.

I’ve made my donation – how else can I help? 

  • We are still looking for volunteers! Find out more here.
  • One of the most effective ways you can help is by sharing this page with others in the community who might be interested in donating!

Is there anything else I should know about my donation? 

To be a donor, you must agree to the following:

I am voluntarily and unconditionally donating the sum of $XXXX to Rowing Canada Aviron for the purpose of the 2018 RCA National Rowing Championship and Canada Cup Regattas Athlete Banquet.

Consistent with the income tax interpretations of “qualifying donations”, this contribution is made voluntarily without any conditions and no benefit will accrue to me (or related parties) as a result of my donation. I confirm that this donation does not or will not reduce any obligation, directly or indirectly that I (or related parties) have for “non qualifying” expenses such as membership, training, or program registration fees, travel expenses or other like expenses that I would normally be required to pay to the recipient sport organization or any related or affiliated body. I also understand that civil penalties can be imposed against me for the misrepresentations of tax matters. Based on these facts, I understand that an official receipt for tax purposes will be issued.

Get Involved as a Sponsor

Sponsors are critically important to ensuring that this event can continue to grow and improve while limiting the financial commitment required from attending athletes. If you have the ability to get involved as a sponsor, please read the full 2018 Sponsorship Package here and contact Rowing BC Executive Director, David Calder.