A Careful Restart to Rowing

From March – June 2020, Rowing BC hosted the “At Home with Rowing BC” section of the website (available here) and parallel series on social media to maintain engagement with rowers across the province while in-person rowing was on-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2020, British Columbia moved into Phase Two of the BC Restart Plan allowing a careful restart to rowing and the release of the first edition of the Rowing BC Return to Sport Guidelines.

As of August 2020, British Columbia is now in Phase Three of the BC Restart Plan. This phase allows for carefully “progressively loosening” the restrictions on rowing as detailed in the document below. Rowing organizations in BC must each develop their program planning by reading the following guiding document:

Before returning to operation, rowing organizations in BC must:

  1. Successfully complete the Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool and maintain a copy on file;
  2. Create a COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan that meets the Rowing BC Return to Sport Guidelines (updated August 25, 2020);  and
  3. Approve and publish and/or post a COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan.

Steps to Initiate Training Groups (Part of the August 25, 2020 Phase 3 Updates) Rowing BC Member Organizations must:

  1. Have a board member, manager or administrator attend a Phase 3 Information Session hosted by Rowing BC before the member organization can initiate Training Groups;
  2. Have each Training Group coach attend a Phase 3 Information Session hosted by Rowing BC before they can initiate and/or lead a Training Group; and
  3. Approve and publish Phase 3 updates to their COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan before the member organization can initiate Training Groups.

Phase 3 Information Sessions via Zoom:

Rowing BC Member COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plans:

As Rowing BC receives COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plans from clubs they will be posted here.  Plans are often integrated into broader critical information shared through each club’s website.  Please take the time to understand the context in which reopening plans have been posted.

Rowing BC would like to add your approved plan to this list.  Please send the URL of your approved plan to

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