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Become an RCA Umpire

Are you interested in joining the umpire community? We would be happy to welcome you to the umpiring family! Rowing BC is committed to promoting the growth of the umpiring community, and will provide umpire training whenever there is a demand from interested persons.

Umpiring in Canada is controlled by the Umpire Committee (UC) of Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA), who set the framework for umpiring across the country. The RCA UC is also responsible for the education of umpires.

Anyone can become an umpire! There is no minimum age to take the Level 1 clinic and become an Assistant Umpire.

Level 1 Assistant Umpire Clinic:

The Level 1 Assistant Umpire Clinic is available on the Coaching Association of Canada website at any time! The Assistant Umpire Clinic is:

  1. A simple, 90-minute way for those interested in umpiring to learn more and begin the Umpire Education Pathway;
  2. A fabulous opportunity for coaches and coxswains to learn the Rules of Racing and earn one professional development point; and
  3. A great refresher for any umpire at the beginning of the season.

The course is FREE!

You will need an NCCP number to take this course in The Locker (on the Coaching Association of Canada website). Go here to get an NCCP number. Go to the E- Learning tab at the top of the page, then on the next row down, click ‘Multi-Sport’ and change it to ‘Rowing’. The Assistant Umpire Clinic should then show under the heading  ‘Available’. The course will take about 90 minutes to complete, and you can stop and re-start anytime.

Level 2 and 3 Clinics:

The current umpire structure is as follows:


Curious to know more? Read the Guide to Umpiring in British Columbia – updated October 2020 and RCA Umpire Handbook – March 2022.

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