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Boat Pools for BC Regattas

The Rowing BC Competition Review Taskforce has created a Short Term Recommendation Report (released April 2019). Included in this report is the recommendation to develop a framework that supports regatta host to develop boat pools as part of their events.

In all streams of competition, a benefit has been identified to having boat pools available at regattas. This will help to minimize travel costs to participating clubs and encourage additional regatta participation. Regatta hosts may choose to levy a fee for boat use, or provide equipment at no charge.

It is recommended that Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) offer a boat pool in their Regatta Package and include a boat pool contact who would facilitate this process. This may be via equipment sharing between attending clubs or with equipment already available on-site.

It is further hoped that the LOC consider giving priority consideration to Interior rowing clubs, as distance to regattas is a major concern for their athletes.

Rowing BC will follow up with each LOC at the time of regatta sanction to encourage creation of a boat pool, and facilitate communications regarding the boat pool.

For more information please contact Sonja Lonne.

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