Rowing BC has committed to offering innovative professional development opportunities, in addition to offering NCCP Coach Education. This includes offering clinics and workshops or relevant topics, and providing support to coaches who want to learn in an out-of-the-ordinary environment.

Coach Development Workshops

Rowing BC Para Coach and Coach Coordinator, Martin George, designs a series of professional development workshops for coaches each year. These workshops are free of charge and are included as a value-added component of being an active coach in the BC rowing community. Many of these workshops are available for NCCP credit to coaches looking for NCCP points to maintain their certification. A full listing of upcoming Coach Development Workshops can be found in the side-bar to the right, or in the Rowing BC Events Calendar.

If there is a topic you would be interested in having as a Coach Development Workshop that is not yet included, contact Martin George with your suggestion and we will do our best to have it included in the future.