The Canadian Sport Institute, through a partnership with the Province of BC, ViaSport, the network of PacificSport Centers, and Rowing BC, collaborates to deliver programs and services to place BC Athletes on National Teams, and ensure athletes and coaches have every advantage to win medals for Canada. The partners work jointly to encourage sport excellence and increase podium performances in communities throughout British Columbia.

Canadian Sport Institute / PacificSport athlete and coach support for the Canadian Development and Provincial Development nomination focuses on athletes and teams 5-12 years from the Podium, identified by the sport specific Podium Pathway and Gold Medal Profile. These athletes and teams represent both the next generation (5-8 years from Podium) and future generations (9-12 years from Podium) of Olympic and Paralympic (or World Championship) medalists. Support may be focused more toward the future generation (9-12 years from Podium) for some targeted Paralympic sports depending on the quality of the next generation (5-8 years from Podium) of athletes and teams.

Through the above partnership, and with the above purpose in mind, Rowing BC may nominate athletes and their coaches who meet specific criteria for Canadian Sport Institute / Pacific Sport athlete or coach registration. Upon registering, athletes and coaches can engage in enhanced programs, benefits, and selected support services through the Canadian Sport Institute and the network of Pacific Sport regional centres in BC.

The athlete and coach nomination cycle for Canadian Sport Institute / Pacific Sport / Rowing BC targeting runs January 1st annually, and athletes are selected based on performances from the previous 12 months. Athletes who meet criteria throughout the annual nomination cycle may be added to the Rowing BC targeted athlete list, on a case by case basis, by contacting the PSO/DSO Technical Representative.

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