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Rowing BC is here to help with the needs of any Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in British Columbia. If you need certain items to make your regatta run, we may have it for you! All of these items are available for rent from Rowing BC on a first-come-first served basis.

Information about rental fees can be found HERE.

To Request equipment for your event, please complete this FORM.

The rental agreement is HERE.


Timing Kits – Include most items that would be needed for the electronic part of running a regatta.

The Rowing BC Timing Kits consist of two cases filled with all of the electronics that will help you run your regatta. A printer in a box is also part of the second case collection.

Case #1 includes:

  • 1 iPad with the ability to connect through mobile networks and wifi
  • 5 iPads that connect through wifi
  • 2 iCom VHF radios
  • 6 NK rate/stopwatches
  • 6 battery packs that work with item using USB chargers
  • charging cables

Case #2 includes

  • 1 laptop
  • 2 charging stations that work with items that use USB chargers
  • 1 laser rangefinder with a 3000yd top distance
  • 1 black and white printer
  • charging cables

Timing Kit Case #1 - holds iPads, radios, stopwatches, battery packs

Timing Kit Case #2 - holds laptop, charging stations, rangefinder

Rangefinder - measures distances up to 3000yds (2.7km)

Charging station - for devices that plug in to USB ports

Laptop - Can be used with regatta printer for posting results

Timing Kit Case #2 - holds laptop, charging stations, rangefinder

Battery pack for devices using USB ports

VHF radio - for regatta communication

NK rate/stopwatch - used for back up timing

iPad with waterproof case - for use for timing - 1 with mobile data capabilities, others require wifi

Timing Kit Case #1 - holds iPads, radios, stopwatches, battery packs

Regatta Infrastructure – Includes safety and function items.

Rowing BC’s Regatta Infrastructure items are just what you need to make your regatta more safe and comfortable.


  • 1 pop-up tent – 10’x10′, white
  • 4 folding chairs
  • 2 folding tables

On-water safety

  • 5 inflatable PFDs
  • 4 golf umbrellas

Bow numbers

  • Bow numbers cards with A-G/1-9

Bow numbers - A-G/1-9

Folding Table

Folding chair

Golf umbrella

Inflatable PFD

Utility cart - 1200lb weight llimit

Pop-up tent - 10'x10', white


Race Course equipment – Includes the items that mark the course.

Rowing BC’s Race Course equipment makes it possible to run racing without owning your own course. There are several options here that can help with your plans.

Fully-buoyed Albano course includes: (coming soon!)

  • spools of cable to run on either side of each lane – number dependent on length of course
  • buoys to clip to cables
  • 7 shore anchors with winches for shore-to-shore courses
  • 2 spooling stands for use in boats to spool and unspool the cables

Coastal Rowing Beach Sprints course includes: (coming soon!)

  • 2 round turning buoys, 1 red/1 yellow
  • 4 cylindrical slalom buoys, 2 red/2 yellow

White buoys – could be used for head races and as an adjunct to the Albano course:

  • 35 white, 11.5″ buoys

White 11.5" buoys

Spooling stands - for deploying the fully buoyed course

Shore anchors with winches - for fully-buoyed course when anchored to shore

A Box Of Red Buoys, Some Inflated And Other Not Yet.

Red buoys for Albano course. Yellow buoys not pictured.

A Box Of Red Buoys, Some Inflated And Other Not Yet.

Address any questions about the Regatta-in-a-box to Rowing BC’s Manager of Education, Innovation, and Inclusion, Lisa Tschannen.

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