Organizations wishing to host a regatta in BC must follow Rowing Canada Aviron’s Event Sanction policy and submit a Sanction Application in order to have the event sanctioned. Sanction allows the regatta to be covered by RCA insurance and officiated by RCA umpires in order that regattas can be both safe and fair for all participants.

Submitting a Sanction Application

Currently in BC, regatta Sanction Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) of historical regattas will be contacted 2-3 months before their regular regatta date with a reminder that regatta Sanction Applications are open and a deadline for applications.

As of April 2018, all Sanction Applications are now submitted online through the RCA Web Registration System. To submit a Sanction Application, log on to your personal account in the system. At the top of the My Account page is a red button to “Propose an Event”. This will lead you to the sanction application. The application can be saved as long as there is something in each of the fields (even just one character). To return to a previously saved application, log on to the system and scroll to the bottom of your My Account page. There is a section for your proposed events where you will be able to re-open the application.

Once an application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it. An automated alert will be sent from the system to Rowing BC with notification that an application has been submitted. The Rowing BC Regatta Committee will provide the first review of the application and notify the LOC if there are any adjustments required to the application before it will be ready for sanction.

Sanction Approval and RegattaCentral

When the sanction application has been reviewed by the Rowing BC Regatta Committee and all initial questions have been answered, Rowing BC will use the function to release details to Regatta Central. This will send the basics (date, location etc.) to RegattaCentral so they can begin to put together the registration for the event. A member of the LOC will then need to connect with RegattaCentral to get access to the website and begin entering the specifics for the event. All registrations will be handled through Regatta Central. For help setting up the event details in RegattaCentral, contact

When the Rowing BC Regatta Committee is fully comfortable with the Sanction Application, it will be passed to the Rowing BC Board for final approval. When final approval is given, the LOC will receive an automated message from the system as well as a personal email from Rowing BC with notification of the approved Sanction Application. Rowing BC intends for Sanction Applications to be approved no less than one month before each event.

All sanctioned events in BC will be assessed regatta participant fees at a rate of $4 participant/day (2018). Regatta organizers are required to ensure that this fee is reflected in fees collected from participants via the RegattaCentral system. A guide on how to set up the Rowing BC $4 participant/day fee in RegattaCentral is available here.

For support with any aspect of this process, please reach out to or 604-273-4769.

Additional Resources

The resources below are intended to assist Local Organizing Committees in the process of preparing a regatta sanction application, or while planning aspects of the regatta:

Chief Umpire Reports

Following the regatta, the Chief Umpire will complete an Event Report which will be shared with the Rowing BC office and the Local Organizing Committee. This report provides an opportunity for feedback and discussion between the Local Organizing Committee and the Chief Umpire.

Fully detailed Chief Umpire Guidelines are available here.

Regatta Feedback

Rowing BC is invested in helping LOCs across the province continue to improve the regattas they are able to host. To assist in this process, a regatta feedback tool has also been created and can be found here. LOCs are encouraged to include a link to this feedback tool in their regatta package and any post-event information that is shared.