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The False Creek Rowing Club is looking for a total of 3 individuals to assist with our programming this summer. If we are successful with a Canada Summer Jobs application (no word at this time), then one of these positions would be full time and would help with outreach work.

The role as it is currently funded is to assist our lessons open to the community, which are currently planned to be held twice a week for 2 hours. We can work with you to determine the number of classes we offer each month. Knowledge of sculling would be beneficial.

You will also communicate with those interested in our programs and in booking individual and group lessons (the latter from May to July) as well as maintain our website and social media presence.

Additionally, we are looking for boat safety operators to assist with our member programming: Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings we offer our members a coached row with a safety boat present. As demand grows, this might expand to additional hours.

For club programming and group lessons FCRC pays about $20/hour depending on experience and qualifications. If applicants do not have current certification, FCRC will assist them financially in obtaining it.

Rates for private lessons are negotiated directly between the pupil and the coach: FCRC does not take a percentage but asks for a small amount to cover our expenses. All pupils in private lessons must be members of FCRC (we sell memberships for the month, paid monthly or annually). I believe our coaches were charging about $30/hour for private lessons and getting perhaps 10 hours a week of that.

You must have your Pleasure Craft Operators Card to operate our safety boat.
References will be contacted.
As you may come into contact with participants under the age of 18, we may require you to provide a police record check.
Individuals in a teaching, coxing or similar leadership role with another rowing club (such as a university or secondary school program) are welcome.
You must be able to lift a 23 kg engine onto the back of a boat and be able to assist individuals with climbing back into a safety boat once you have stopped laughing with them and taking pictures.

People that will succeed in this role will be those that are welcoming, respectful and ensure the safety of themselves and others. They are able to articulate and convey the principles of proper technique and provide direction to those in their care to row properly. We cater to a diverse group of people and respecting that some people learn at different rates and in different ways is essential.

Our previous coaches are anticipating that they will be participating in work coops this coming summer and will not be available to assist us this year.

We pay our staff through a payroll company and use direct deposit.
Staff are provided Rowing Canada Aviron and Rowing BC memberships and may also use club equipment outside of scheduled program time slots
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