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Rowing BC Provincial Team Eligibility – 2023 NRC

General Information 

The 2023 RCA National Rowing Championships will be held September 28 to October 1st in Duncan, BC at the National Training Center on Quamichan Lake.

The purpose of the NRC is to determine and crown National Champions in the sport of rowing in Canada. The regatta shall also afford the opportunity for athletes to recognize the accomplishments of their peers. The NRC shall facilitate National Team athletes to “re-connect” with their home club. More information about the regatta, including the technical packages and bulletins can be found here. 

The 2023 NRC is an opportunity for athletes to meet the requirements for RCA AAP selection and to be identified for support in 2024 by Rowing BC and the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific. 


● Men’s & Women’s Single Scull (M1x & W1X) 

● Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Single Scull (ML1X & WL1X) 

● U23 Men’s & Women’s Single Scull (BM1X & BW1X) 

● U23 Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Single Scull (BLM1X & BLW1X) 

● Junior Men’s & Women’s Single Scull (JM1X & JW1X) 

● Men’s & Women’s Pair (M2- & W2-) 

● U23 Men’s & Women’s Pair (BM2- & BW2-) 

● Junior Men’s & Women’s Pair (JM2- & JW2-) 

● PR1 Women’s & Men’s Single (PR1W1X & PR1M1X) 

● PR2 Women’s & Men’s Single (PR2W1X & PR2M1X) 

● PR3 Women’s & Men’s Single (PR3W1X & PR3M1X) 

● PR3 Women’s & Men’s Pair (PR3W2- & PR3M2-) 

Composite Crews 

Composite crews are allowed in the pair’s events of the NRC. Each pair may be made up of any combination of athletes representing any combination of provinces or clubs. 

Team Eligibility 

As outlined within the RCA 2023 National Rowing Championship Regatta technical package, Section 5 Right of Entry, all BC athletes who meet the following criteria will be deemed as a BC provincial athlete and therefore required to compete for Rowing BC at the 2023 RCA National Rowing Championship (NRC) Regatta. 

Eligibility Criteria 

1. Athletes who identify as a BC athlete currently training as part of the RCA’s National Training Center.

2. BC athletes who are registered with Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as: 

a.. Canadian Elite 

b. Canadian Development (Rowing BC Gold)

c. Provincial Development Level 1 (Rowing BC Silver)

3. BC athletes who have been identified as an RCA Next Gen Targeted athlete

4.. Gold Medalists at the 2023 BC Championships in the M & W1x (Open, U19,U17) or M & W 2- (Open, U19)

5. Any BC athlete who was selected to either the U23 or Junior National Team who is not supported by CSI and/or not training within the National Training Center. 

6. Athletes who have received financial support from Rowing BC, CSI-P and or ViaSport (both direct and or indirect) in 2023. 

Rowing BC Team Benefits and Support 

All Rowing BC Team members will be able to access the following. 

● Rowing BC will cover the entry cost for each team athlete. 

● Rowing BC will cover up to $80.00 of boat transportation costs for each team athlete traveling from the Lower Mainland. 

● Rowing BC will provide team apparel (not including the Rowing BC unisuit) as a gift to each athlete. 


All provincially supported athletes MUST race in a Rowing BC unisuit and will be required to purchase one if they do not own one already. 

Expression of Interest 

All eligible athletes are required to submit an Expression of Interest through the linked form below. This information will enable Rowing BC to make the appropriate arrangements in preparation for the 2023 NRC. Please complete THIS ONLINE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM before September 1st 2023. 

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