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The Faces Behind Rowing BC – GORDON SUND

In his own words:

After arriving in Victoria from Winnipeg and Montreal in 1976, I spent time on the water with recreational fishing and sailing.  The late 1990s had me occasionally volunteering to drive an Umpire launch while a son and daughter rowed in the GVYRS High School regattas. This is where I fell victim to the recruitment efforts of the legendary Wayne van Osterhout.  I was RCA-licensed in 2002 and usually average around 27 days annually officiating at local and occasionally National and USRA regattas.  Since 2005, I’ve maintained the Island Umpires’ equipment.  In 2011, I was elected to the Rowing BC Umpire Committee and served the most recent 2 years as Chair.

In January 2013, I retired as a Quality Assurance Analyst (previously a Programmer Analyst) from BC Assessment.  I still have to work on my “life-life balance” as time for fishing, skiing, and motorcycling seem to be in too short supply.  However, being associated with highly motivated officials, volunteers, and athletes keeps me optimistic for the future.

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