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The Faces Behind Rowing BC – JANE GUMLEY

In her own words:

I started rowing at the Delta Deas Rowing Club, day 1 was exciting! It was a small group so I learnt how to row in a 1x right off the bat. I started in a boat called the “big beluga” (I think it’s obvious why it was called that) and then worked down to a racing 1x by the end of the second week! My favourite experiences coaching have been working with the VCRC masters group. They are so keen to learn and improve their rowing skills that it makes coaching them a DREAM! I love seeing rowers get excited about learning a new skill or when a technical change finally clicks and you see their eyes just light up!

I’ve worked with Rowing BC as a guest coach for their junior camps. The camps are a great time to identify new talent and get to meet new coaches! Leanne Savage is a friend and fellow coach that I’ve made in this sport. We coached together at the Rowing BC camp last summer and it was really fun getting to know her more. Some highlights I’m proud of were at the Cascadia regatta in 2019 where we had two masters 8+’s racing in one event. I was so happy to take such a big group from Victoria City Rowing Club over to the mainland and represent our club! The race was very exciting and had a handful of new sweepers in both crews! The team atmosphere was so electric and it made so happy to watch and be apart of.

My non-rowing life is filled with my new online business, Flo State Fitness, and my new puppy Lucy! Both are a handful but I love the work with the business and I absolutely adore my little puppy! She is a dream. The online business started in October 2020 and has been going strong since! We work with a couple of rowing clubs and provide sessions to help rowers get strong and mobile! If you want to learn more about my business, visit my website When I’m not teaching online I am playing with Lucy. She love walks and playing with anything that will make a lot of noise!

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