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The Faces Behind Rowing BC – INGRID BRAUL

In her own words:

I learned my first few rowing strokes from my father, who rowed most of his life. When I was young, he would take me out in a double up and row us up and down False Creek (I’m pretty sure all I did was provide resistance training for him). I started rowing competitively during high school at Burnaby Lake, and have the pleasure of calling some of my old teammates from both high school and university close friends to this day.

Since joining the Rowing BC Board of Directors almost a year ago, I’ve been working with my Rowing BC peers on a variety of fascinating initiatives and challenges. Of note, Rowing BC’s safe sport work has been of interest to me, particularly in bridging the legal framework to reality. 

I have enjoyed applying what I do in my professional life (law) to a sport that has played such a large role in where I am now. I also enjoy learning from my peers and have been impressed by the commitment, intelligent perspectives, preparedness, and patience each staff and board member brings to the table.

When I’m not working or doing Rowing BC, my life can be summed up by half-finished crafts, dead plants, something cooking on the stovetop, my road bike, and a pile of hiking gear. The most exotic “stay-cation” I took this summer was visiting my sister in the Yukon where we took a helicopter to the top of a mountain for her elopement and enjoyed some hiking in the Tombstones. 

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