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A man wearing a toque and using a wheelchair is moving on a dock toward his boat while carrying his oars over his shoulder.Why Should I Row?

Para-rowing provides athletes with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability the opportunity to be active on the water, get involved in a fun and friendly club environment, and participate in a variety of competitions.

Where Can I Row?

Find a local rowing organization offering para rowing through the map here.

What Are The Para-Rowing Classifications?

There are three Para-Rowing classes recognized by FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron). Note that these classifications are for competition. If you simply would like to explore rowing and enjoy being out on the water, then you don’t need to worry about ‘fitting in’ to the classifications below.

1. PR1 (athlete uses primarily arms and shoulders, minimal or no trunk function, uses a fixed seat)

2. PR2 (athlete also able to use trunk, but minimal or no leg function, uses a fixed seat)

3. PR3 (athlete able to use whole body to some effect, uses a sliding seat)

Impairment types that can be classified for Para rowing include: impaired muscle power, impaired range of movement, limb deficiency, hypertonia, athetosis, ataxia, and vision impairment.

FISA has an online Classification Eligibility Guide to help individuals assess their eligibility as a Para rower. Please note that this tool is a guide only, and has no bearing on the classification process.

More information on para rowing classifications here.

Can I Compete As A Para-Rower?

Athletes can compete at local, provincial, and national regattas over distances of 1000m to 2000m in all categories. Internationally there are opportunities to compete at International Para Rowing regattas, World Cups, World Championships and Paralympic Games. The international distance for para rowing competitions is 2000m. Canada’s National Para-Rowing Team has been successful at the World Championship and Paralympic level.

What If I Want To Coach Para-Rowing?

Visit the Para-Rowing Coach Resource page for more information.

Who Do I Contact For More Information Related To Para-Rowing?

Contact Rowing BC’s Manager of Education, Innovation, and Inclusion at

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