Updates on the Rowing BC Competition Review

Rowing BC is excited to be able to provide its member participants with the Competition Review Taskforce’s Report: Short Term Recommendations (pdf). This report, completed in April 2019 and approved by the Rowing BC Board of Directors, provides a significant step forward in the collaborative efforts to improve the competition system in BC.

The taskforce is comprised of people representing rowing organizations from across the province.  This group of 11 people, chaired by York Langerfeld, has made 16 concrete short term recommendations that reach across all competition streams.  Rowing BC has created an Action Plan to implement these recommendations starting in May 2019. 

The taskforce took steps to define a “Desired Direction” for each competition stream based on input provided by individual member participants.  From these statements, the taskforce brought forward recommendations that supported the change that member participants wanted to see.

Through this process it was clear that short and long term changes are often inseparable.  As the taskforce worked through the significant amount of input provided by member participants, a secondary list of “Topics identified for further exploration” was created to address ideas that would require a longer period of time to implement.

If you have any questions about the report please contact David Calder, Executive Director of Rowing BC at or by calling 604-273-4769.