2018 President’s Award Winner: Andrea Lynch

On March 28th, Andrea Lynch, member at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club, was awarded the 2018 Sport BC President’s Award.  Sport BC established this award in 1994 to promote and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism in sport. Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) from across BC are invited to highlight a volunteer who made significant contributions to their sport each year.  Rowing BC recognized Ms. Lynch for her support of the 2016 and 2017 Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup regattas through her role on the organizing committee.

Andrea was first introduced to the sport of rowing in 2006 when her eldest daughter started rowing at Crofton House School.  Her introduction to volunteering was through hosing off docks and prepping athlete meals at regattas. A few years later she joined the Board of Directors at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club and has been heavily involved ever since.

When Andrea joined the board she had never taken a stroke, despite her heavy involvement in the club!  Feeling obliged to understand how to row, she decided to take a learn-to-row course and has never looked back.  For Andrea rowing represents a community of positive, like-minded people who being outdoors. It is the people she has met along the way that have keep her in the sport. She has been involved in supporting the annual Midsummer Madness Regatta, the Burnaby Lake Small Boat Regatta and the Cascadia Masters Regatta.  

Beyond all this, Andrea has been awarded the 2018 President’s Award due to her contributions to the RCA National Rowing Championships and Canada Cup.  As a member of the Organizing Committee Andrea was responsible for Safety and Medical aspects of planning and deployment of the events, but has always supported any and all aspects of planning and execution for the regattas, ensuring an outstanding athlete experience.  

On behalf of the entire rowing community in BC, thank you Andrea!