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Rowing BC 2023 Nominated Team List

In a review following the 2022 BC Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, and National Rowing Championships, Rowing BC’s Director of Performance has endeavoured to increase expectations of the standard of on water performances across all of Rowing BC’s identified athlete groups. This has lead to a new strategy, reconsidering the standards required to be nominated for Canadian Sport Institute Pacific (CSIP) athlete support and what it means to be an athlete supported by Rowing BC.

Rowing BC is pleased to announce the athletes who have successfully met our new criteria for CSIP athlete support and inclusion on one of Rowing BC’s identified athlete teams. 

More information about Performance Rowing in BC can be found HERE.

For more information about the Rowing BC 2023 Nominated Team List, please contact Terry Paul, Rowing BC’s Director of Performance

Rowing BC Elite Team

Athlete NameHome ClubPrimary Coach
KristaAtkinsVictoria City Rowing ClubLeanne Savage
ConnorAttridgeUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
JulianBlackUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
KatieClarkUniversity of British ColumbiaJeremy Ivey
JoelCullenUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
KirstenEdwardsUniversity of VictoriaCarol Love
LiamKeaneVictoria City Rowing ClubMaksym Kypsky
MitchellRogersUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
WilliamSimpsonUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
AvalonWasteneysUniversity of VictoriaCarol Love

Rowing BC Gold Team

Athlete NameHome ClubPrimary Coach
PiperBattersbyUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
MiraCalderVictoria City Rowing ClubKatie Steenman
MikeCarykUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
EmersonCrickUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
NicoleCusackUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
AidanDella SiegaUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
GiancarloDiPompeoUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
AlexEwashkoUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
AlexanderGoninVictoria City Rowing ClubRene Gonin
LiamHodginsUniversity of VictoriaAalber Van Schothorst
MichaelKeaneVictoria City Rowing ClubIsolda Penny
BrigidKennedyMaple Bay Rowing ClubKatie Steenman
PatrickLevisVictoria City Rowing ClubLeanne Savage
DanielleMainVancouver Rowing ClubKylie Whitcombe
KailaniMarchakVictoria City Rowing ClubKatie Steenman
GunnarPlattBC NextGen Performance CenterTerry Paul
SophiaRegosaUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
KristenSiermacheskyBC NextGen Performance CenterTerry Paul
McKennaSimpsonUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
LiamSmitUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
AbbySpeirsUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
JackWalkeyUniversity of WashingtonMichael Callahan
ShaneWillisBC NextGen Performance CenterTerry Paul

Rowing BC Silver Team

Athlete NameHome ClubPrimary Coach
TeaganBlueVictoria City Rowing ClubKatie Steenman
ConnorBohlmannVancouver CollegeMarc Addison
LyndseyBrydenUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
SaisaiFaubertUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
StellaFraserUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
ClaireHallettUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
AlexJoinerVictoria City Rowing ClubAlec Stapff / Griffin Thomas
SallyJonesUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
PatrickKeaneUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
CaitlinLawrenceUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
VictorLefebvreUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
OwenMarcovitzUniversity of VictoriaKatie Steenman
MaijkenMeindertsmaUniversity of Fraser VallyLisa Samuel (Roman)
EllingtonPeacockUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
ArdenRossVictoria City Rowing ClubKatie Steenman
EllieSousaUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
JuliaTanconUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
ErynWaleVictoria City Rowing ClubMiki Chandler / Griffin Thomas
BrendanWallUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce

Rowing BC Bronze Team

Athlete NameHome ClubPrimary Coach
NatalyaArianoUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
DanicaArianoUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
JahadaBezeauVictoria City Rowing ClubAlec Stapff
MarijnButterfieldUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
MeghanCamplinUniversity of British ColumbiaCraig Pond
Terence ConorDillonClaremont AcademyGreg Sedun / Drew Harrison
EllexiFultonShawnigan Lake SchoolJulie Platt
SophieGowerThunder Rowing ClubVince Amadeo
JesseHaroldUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
PepperHoweBC NextGen Performance CenterKatie Steenman
OwenKazimirskiSt. Georges SchoolBrent Duncan
EdwardLalonderBrentwood College ScoolBrian Carr
PaigeLethamUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
ElisaLuoColumbia UniversityRob Richards
FrankLuoBurnaby Lake Rowing ClubRob Richards
TrishMaraVictoria City Rowing ClubAlec Stapff
QuinnMcCoyClaremont Sports InstituteGreg Sedun / Drew Harrison
LiamMuirVancouver CollegeMarc Addison
BethanyNordstromVictoria City Rowing ClubMiki Chandler
GenevieveOlsenUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
AnyaProkopchukBrentwood College SchoolDavid Calder / Brian Carr
FirinneRolfeSt. Michaels University SchoolSuzanne Walker Currie
NovellaRusmanBrentwood College SchoolDavid Calder / Brian Carr
PeterScaccabarozziVancouver CollegeMarc Addison
QuinnStoreyUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
MatthewThompsonUniversity of VictoriaAalbert Van Schothorst
JulienWieseUniversity of British ColumbiaMike Pearce
WillowWoonUniversity of VictoriaJane Gumley
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