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The Faces Behind Rowing BC – KRISTJAN JOUBERT

In his own words:

I first started rowing for Dawson College in Montreal. They had both an intro to rowing physical class you could take and a rowing team. My first day of “rowing” was on a Concept Two rowing machine where Réjean Beauregard first taught me the basics. My first day on the water was about three months later in early April. We rowed a quad that we flipped in the Olympic basin. This was shortly after the water in the basin had thawed. Frozen smiles all around from the crew! 

My coaching roots originally started out East. Since coming to BC I have mainly coached the Juniors in Victoria for about 7 years between the Victoria City Rowing Club, the Claremont Sports Institute and Shawnigan Lake School. I am quite proud of all the great connections I’ve made and even more proud of all the athletes that I’ve worked with over the years.

When I am not coaching, I fill my time outdoors on a mountain bike finding new trails and mountains to summit.

Throughout the pandemic, Kristjan has been running on-going online sessions for the rowing community down at Elk Lake. The sessions have received a lot of great feedback for helping stiffer rowers gain more range of motions and have better recovery between sessions, they make a huge difference on and off the water! Those sessions are now run through Jane Gumley’s online business “flostatefitness”. Jane is also a coach there and the sessions are now not only exclusive to Victoria City Rowing Community members but to the broader community. 

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