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BC Athletes Perform Internationally

This Summer, BC athletes earned the privilege of wearing the red and white at World Cup III Regatta, CanAmMex Regatta, U23 World Championships Regatta, World Rowing Junior Championships Regatta, FISU World University Championships Regatta, Trans-Tasman Regatta, and the World Rowing Championships. Highlights of their results are listed below.

The World Cup III Regatta in Lucere wrapped up on Sunday, July 15th.

BC athletes were in the crews of six of Canada’s nine boats racing. Below are their results.

2nd Place Women’s 2-
Hillary Janssens (UBC)
Caileigh Filmer (UVIC) –

2nd Place Women’s 8+
Rebecca Zimmerman (UVIC)
Avalon Wasteneys (UVIC)
Sydney Payne (Brentwood College Rowing)

2nd Place Women’s 2x
Andrea Proske (VCRC)

4th Place Men’s LW 2x
Maxwell Lattimer (UBC)
Patrick Keane (UVIC)

6th Place Men’s 8+
Kai Langerfeld (UVIC)
Benjamin de Wit (UBC)
Jakub Buczek (Burnaby Lake)
Martin Barakso (Brentwood College Rowing)
Cody Bailey (UVIC)
Jane Grumley (UVIC) – coxswain

6th Place Women’s LW 2x
Ellen Gleadow (Burnaby Lake)

The CanAmMex Regatta in Mexico City wrapped up Saturday, July 14th.

Thanks to the help of the BC athletes listed at the bottom of the page, Canada’s results were:

  • 1st in the JW4-
  • 1st in the JM2x
  • 1st in the JW2x
  • 1st and 5th in the JW2-
  • 2nd in the JW8+
  • 2nd in the JM8+
  • 2nd and 4th in the JM1x
  • 3rd in the JM4x
  • 3rd in the JM4-
  • 3rd in the JW4x
  • 3rd and 5th in the JW1x
  • 3rd and 5th in the JM2

Mens Team
Julian Black (St Georges Rowing Club)
Darius Chan (St Georges Rowing Club)
Joshua Kemper (Deep Cove Rowing Club)
Benett Layton (Brentwood College Rowing Club)
Jason MacDonald (Vancouver College Rowing Club)
Spencer Thomas (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Stuart Velestuk (Delta Deas Rowing Club)
Yang Qiu – coxswain (St Georges Rowing Club)

Women’s Team
Jordan Isnor (Nanaimo Rowing Club)
Megan Knight (Nanaimo Rowing Club)
Tess Mackay-Pettyjohn (Gorge Narrows Rowing Club)
Danae McCulloch (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Marissa Murray (Gorge Narrows Rowing Club)
Danica Vangsgaard (Delta Deas Rowing Club)

The U23 World Championships Regatta in Poznan, Poland wrapped up on Sunday, July 29th.

15 BC athletes competed at U23 Worlds in Poznan, Poland from July 25-29. Below are their results.

1st Place Women’s 8-
Avalon Wasteneys (UVIC)
Sydney Payne (Brentwood College)
Stephanie Grauer (Burnaby Lake)
Madison Mailey (Burnaby Lake)
Ivy Elling-Quanintance (UVIC)

5th Place Men’s 8-
Brett Vilk (Brentwood College)
Travis Gronsdahl (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Alexander Bebb (St. George’s)
Elliot Rogers (Brentwood College)
Skylar Presch – coxswain (UVIC)

10th Place Women’s 2-
McKenna Simpson (Burnaby Lake)

Men’s 4-
Sean van Gessel (UBC)
Brendan Wall (UBC)
Clark Shultz (UBC)
Liam Keane (Victoria City Rowing Club)
The Men’s 4- advanced to the B final however some unfortunate sickness prevented them from racing.

The World Rowing Junior Championships Regatta in Racice, Czech Republic wrapped up on Sunday, August 12th.

1 athlete from BC, John Walkey competed in the Men’s 1x. 

13th Place Men’s 1x
John Walkey (Claremont Sports Institute) with the 4th fastest time overall.

The FISU World University Championships Regatta in Shanghai wrapped up on Sunday, August 12.

BC athletes raced in the Women’s 8-, Women’s 2x and Men’s 4-. Below are their results.

2nd Place Women’s 8-
Claire Brillon (UBC)
Lucy Vincent-Smith (UBC)
Savannah Semi-Bacon (UBC)
Tina Yu – coxswain (UBC)

2nd Place Women’s 2x
Christina Walker (UBC)

4th Place Men’s 4-
Ty Adams (UVIC)
Daan Arscott (UVIC

The Trans-Tasman Regatta in Karapiro, New Zealand wrapped up on Saturday, August 25th.

6 BC athletes competed. Below are their results.

1st Place U21 Women’s 2-
Antonia Frapell (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Piper Battersby (Victoria City Rowing Club/UVIC)

1st Place U21 LW Women’s 2x
Sarah Craven (UVIC)

1st Place U21 Women’s 4-
Antonia Frapell (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Piper Battersby (Victoria City Rowing Club/UVIC)

1st Place U21 Women’s 4x
Sarah Craven (UVIC)
Katie Clark (UBC/Rockies Rowing Club)

1st Place U21 Women’s 8-
Antonia Frapell (Victoria City Rowing Club)
Piper Battersby (Victoria City Rowing Club/UVIC)
Sarah Craven (UVIC)
Katie Clark (UBC/Rockies Rowing Club)
Alexandra Birkenshaw – coxswain (UBC)

3rd Place U21 Women’s 1x
Katie Clark (UBC/Rockies Rowing Club)

The World Rowing Championships wrapped up in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on Sunday, September 16th.

19 BC athletes represented Canada for this event.

1st Place PR3 Men’s 2-
Kyle Fredrickson (University of Victoria)

1st Place Women’s 2-
Hillary Janssens (University of British Columbia)
Caileigh Filmer (University of Victoria)

2nd Place Women’s 8+
Madison Mailey (Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Stephanie Grauer (Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Sydney Payne (Brentwood College School)
Lisa Roman (University of the Fraser Valley)
Kristen Kit (University of British Columbia)

4th PR3 Men’s 4+
Kyle Fredrickson (University of Victoria)

4th Men’s Lightweight 1x
Aaron Lattimer (University of British Columbia)

6th PR1 Women’s 1x
Tracy Van Asseldonk (Delta Deas Rowing Club)

6th Women’s 2x
Andrea Proske (Victoria City Rowing Club)

8th Men’s 8+
Kai Langerfeld (University of Victoria)
Ben de Wit (University of British Columbia)
Martin Barakso (Brentwood College School)
Jakub Buczek (Burnaby Lake Rowing Club)
Jane Gumley (University of Victoria)

15th Men’s Lightweight 2x
Patrick Keane (University of Victoria)
Maxwell Lattimer (University of British Columbia)

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