RCA Launches New Online Regatta Tools

RCA will be launching a new, online event sanction application process through the RCA Web Registration System.  Along with this, all events in Canada will move to having registration and payment processed through RegattaCentral.

These changes come alongside the adjustments to RCA’s membership model which take effect April 1, 2018.

Sound familiar? Make sure you know the specific details in the final version.

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Online Event Sanction Applications

All regattas must be sanctioned. Sanction comes from RCA, but is managed by each Provincial Rowing Association. In the past, event organizers have submitted Event Sanction Applications to Rowing BC via a pdf form. This form is reviewed by the Rowing BC Regatta Committee. If there are any questions, Rowing BC will connect with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to find clarification or add details to the application as needed. When the Regatta Committee is confident that the application confirms that a safe and fair event can be run, the application is given to the Rowing BC Board of Directors for final approval. Approved applications along with the Chief Umpire (CU) report from the previous year are then shared with the LOC and the CU for the upcoming event at least one month before the event is schedule to run.

With the launch of the online Event Sanction Applications, the majority of the process will remain the same with a few small adjustments:

  • Rowing BC will continue to reach out to LOCs quarterly to provide deadlines for Event Sanction Application submission that will enable the Regatta Committee and Board to ensure that approved applications are in the hands of the LOC and CU at least one month in advance of each event. Instead of sending along a pdf form at this time, LOCs will be reminded that they can access the Event Sanction Application form on the RCA Web Registration System ( from their personal account by following the button for “Propose an Event”.
  • LOCs can work on and save the online form as they go along. When they are ready to submit, the submit button will automatically send the completed version to Rowing BC. The LOC will no longer be able to edit.
  • Rowing BC will review submitted forms, and will have the ability to send comments and feedback directly to the LOC through the online form. The hope is that this will help to ensure detailed submissions. When the LOC is asked for additional clarification etc, the form will become editable again from their end of the system.
  • Once an application has been approved, the LOC will be notified by an automated email from the system. Rowing BC will then follow up to provide contact info for the assigned CU and copies of the regatta report from the previous year.

RCA will be providing additional training on the use of the online Event Sanction Application form via webinar. Details will be available on their website as they become available.


In the past, events had the ability to choose how they would handle registration. This took many forms – everything from an email or excel spreadsheet to the usage of platforms like RegattaData and RegattaCentral. Those using RegattaCentral were able to reach out to RegattaCentral directly and ask to have their event set up online and then proceed with adding the relevant information onto the webpages and getting the registration system ready to take entries.

With the launch of this new system, all events in Canada must use RegattaCentral as their registration platform. To streamline the handling of so many events, RegattaCentral will now only set an event up online if it has been approved to do so via the online sanction form. Rowing BC will be able to check a box approving the event details to be shared with RegattaCentral separately from approving the full sanction application. In many cases, both of these steps will be completed at once, but in some cases where LOCs want/need to be able to start working on the RegattaCentral website further in advance of the event than the sanction application will be ready, they will be able to do so by requesting from Rowing BC that the first button is used earlier.

RegattaCentral will be managing the tracking of all payments related to regatta participation. This includes the entry fee as well as the RCA per seat fees and Rowing BC athlete fees. Coaches/Team Managers will see an invoice at the end of registration that separates these costs individually. Payments made online will be managed behind the scenes to ensure that the correct organization receives the payment. Payment will be possible via PayPal or credit card through RegattaCentral, or by cash/cheque directly to the LOC. Some LOCs may choose to encourage participants to pay by cash/cheque in order to save on PayPal and credit card processing fees.

RCA will be providing additional training on the use of the RegattaCentral website via webinar. Details will be available on their website as they become available.