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The Faces Behind Rowing BC – DEBRA NEUFELD

In her own words:

My very first-time trying rowing was on the Rhine River in Germany when I was 15 years old. They put me in the stroke seat because the coxswain spoke English. I thought I must be amazing because he kept telling me to slow down. Of course, I later learned this just meant I was rushing. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t actually the most fit person in the boat. 

After that first rowing attempt, I didn’t actually join rowing as a sport until I was 23 and in university. It took a few cold, miserable and rainy mornings before I decided I loved the sport, but after that I was hooked. It has been my passion ever since.

As a member of the interior development committee, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of great brainstorming sessions with some fantastic people. It got me really excited about the possibility for increasing rowing in the interior despite the challenge we face when traveling significant distances for events. I’ve gotten to meet past Olympians and even had Lauren Wilkinson come out to Lillooet to speak to our high school. It was very exciting for our students as well as for myself!

When I’m not involved in rowing or coaching, I run my own small accounting firm. My dog Stanley coaches with me and then spends his day snoring on his bed in my office. My husband has never tried rowing but I’m hoping to convince him to become the future of rowing photography!

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