Rowing BC Annual Awards

The Rowing BC AGM will be held at Royal Roads University on November 16, 2019.  Official notice will be sent to the Membership later this month in accordance with the Rowing BC By-Laws.  

On November 16th Rowing BC will also present its annual awards.  These awards are presented to members of the rowing community who have achieved outstanding performances or provided services to the community worthy of recognition. Information about each award and how YOU can nominate a candidate can be found by clicking the award title below: 

External Awards and Recognition

The Rowing BC Awards and Recognition Committee has put together a database of external awards that members of the rowing community may be eligible for. These lists are by no means exhaustive and additional awards may be available. If you know of any relevant awards that are not currently listed, please let us know by emailing Rowing BC will be nominating individuals for some external awards (listed below), but clubs, organizations and individuals should be aware of which awards they should be applying for on behalf of individuals they think are deserving of recognition.